How to be silver and STAY SILVER! 

I thought it was about time I spoke about my hair colour. I have been asked by so many lovely people online “How have you got your hair that colour?” And “what shampoo do you use?” So I thought I would do a post and give you guys some tips, if your planning on going silver or have silver hair and want to know about shampoos. 

I have always been blonde. When I was young my hair was always a light blonde then in the sunshine it would go practically white. But as I grew older my hair started to turn a mousey/dirty blonde so I started to have highlights put in to brighten it up. 

I’ve never dyed my hair a darker colour. One time I put a bit of pink and purple in it because I wanted to look a bit like Avril Lavigne (who didn’t back in their teens) then I had to have it bleached out as it turned orange… YUK! That was the only time I dyed my hair myself and ever since I have always had it done at the hair dressers. Lesson learnt!

I get my hair done at ESCAPE HAIR TRILOGY and I’ve been going there since I was about 16. I’m now 25 soooo that’s a very long time and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my hair. When I first went this colour I was such a baby as I really wanted to brave it but then would have that last minute panic of “will it suit me?” But it was so worth it and I would never go back. 

My hair is very long so I always have a full head of foils where I normally have more than one pair of hands putting my foils in. I opt for foils as I like the different tones it creates and my roots also blend in a lot better than if I was to have a block colour. My hair is then bleached till it’s white and normally put under heat to make sure, because if it’s not white my hair doesn’t take as well and goes quite brassy. A silver grey toner is then used and left on for around 20 minutes to achieve the silver colour. 

So how do I keep it going? 

When I first went this colour I tried so many different silver shampoos. I used to use the Matrix So Silver shampoo, but I found it really dried my hair out and because my hair is so fine it always went so so knotty.. OUCH! But now I use L’Oréal Professional Silver Expert and to me it’s the BEST! You can leave it on for a while and it will really make your hair go grey without to much of those lilac tones and it’s great for freshening up your colour. I tend to keep it on for a few minutes and use it every other wash. If I’m going out I like to leave it on for about 15 minutes. 

As my hair is very fine it is a nightmare for getting knotty. So I always use the Revlon Professional One Unique Lotus spray that was recommended to me by my hairdresser, which is great as a heat protection treatment as well as a leave in conditioner for your hair before blow drying. It keeps my hair so soft and the ends aren’t dry so this is another product I couldn’t live without! This also works best with a detangler hair brush. Once you use one of them its no going back! Its crazy that using a normal brush pulls your hair out so much as well as breaking it. 

I purchase these products online and you can get a 1500ml bottle of the silver shampoo for £15 and it’s lasts forever! I’ll link the shopping links for your below for these two products, as well as the hair dressers contact details that I use. Thanks for reading guys and hope these tips have answered your questions! If not feel free to comment below :)! 

Shopping links below for you guys :)! 

L’Oréal Professional silver expert –  £15.30 

Revlon Professional unique one lotus flower – on sale was £15 now £7.20!!

Escape hair trilogy – 2 Wolverhampton Road, Cannock. WS11 1AH. Phone (tel:01543 505057) 


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