Must have designer DUPES! 

As a new blogger I have started to build quite a collection of dupes, from the dupe Primark Prada mules to the dupe Topshop GUCCI tee. What I have also learnt is that as soon as they are snapped on the gram they are a challenge to get! But who doesn’t love a challenge, but to make it easy for you guys I’ll tag the online shopping links below. 

My first favourite designer dupe is the Primark Prada mules which I’ve previously blogged about but I also managed to get the nude colour that I was hunting for, winning! These were only £8 and for that much they are such good quality. They are also very comfortable to wear, especially for a Primark flat shoe. 

The next is another Primark special and it’s the dupe of the GUCCI fur lined backless loafer. These were an absolute nightmare to get but I managed to grab the last pair in the Birmingham store at £11. These shoes are like marmite, you either love or you hate. My boyfriend relates to these as my gorilla shoes so I think he hates, but I am a fan of a fugly shoe so for me it was definitely love! 

Another must have is the dupe of the GUCCI floral embroidered trainers, which I purchased online from Missy Empire for £17 (Rrp £21, I had a promo code). These are also really good quality and I love wearing trainers, so the detail on these can add the finishing touch to a simple, casual look. 

Finally my favourite and most recent purchase is the Topshop GUCCI dupe tee which I got for only £15! I’ve been scoping the real GUCCI tees for a while (as well as the belt, currently hunting for a dupe) but now I’ve got this I actually prefer it. You can style it in so many ways to. My favourite way to style this tee is tucked into a skirt with an oversized denim, teamed with trainers for a girly look. But I also like wearing it under a tailored blazer tucked into some belted up mom fit jeans and a heeled sassy boot. I will do a shoot and share some looks with you guys soon. 

So here’s my collection so far that I’m sure will keep growing. I do love to shop about on the high street and I think for how quick the trends change, the pace of fast fashion and the Instagram hypes, you are far far better off getting these pieces then spending tones of money on the real thing. Even though I am saving and dreaming for a GUCCI belt which I keep telling myself is an investment ha! 

Below I have tagged the shopping links for you. The only ones I can’t tag are the Primark ones. Sorry guys but your going to have to join in the Primark shoe hunt! 


Missy Empire – Embroidered trainers 

Topshop – Merci graphic tee 


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