Sooo if you guys follow me on Instagram you would of seen me flooding my feed and Insta stories with lots of New York pictures and videos! Sorry not sorry but the place was totally amaze! 

I had the most amazing time and we did so much that we walked bloody miles and miles. So if your planning on going to New York anytime soon make sure you pack your trainers, sensible shoes and PLASTERS! Because even your comfiest of shoes and your very worn in trainers rub you eventually. 

We went for 5 nights but it worked out we had an extra day as we flew home late evening which was a bonus. The hotel that we stayed at was called the Sanctuary Hotel, which was based on 47th street right in the heart of Times Square. This area is the best place to stay as your central to everything so you can walk pretty much everywhere. The only time we didn’t walk was when we visited the 9/11 memorial, which is at the very bottom of Manhattan that’s around a 2 hour walk. No thanks I saved my legs with the metro that day!  

So the first day the agenda was 9/11 memorial, Statue of Liberty, Ellis island and Brooklyn bridge. But the heavens decided to open and it poured it down! So we still did the memorial but instead of getting soaked and seeing poor views because of the mist and rain, we decided to do Maceys and the shops on Times Square and save the sight seeing for a better day. Yasss to shopping!! 

When you visit New York you have to go and see the 9/11 memorial and go inside the museum, just out of respect for this most amazing, beautiful city. It is very heart breaking to see and it really does make you so sad as you can’t even imagine such a tragic event happening there. It literally sends shivers down your spine seeing it all but you just have to go. Here are some pictures of the beautiful grounds on a very misty day. 

So on a lighter note we went on to shopping in Maceys where you literally just get lost 24/7 but I loved it! It’s where I picked up a couple of cute Levi tees that were on sale to. Then we went around the hustle and bustle of Times Square. As it was raining I didn’t get chance to take many photos of my first outfit, but I got some quick ones which were better than nothing. I wasn’t planning on wearing a jacket that day because I was hoping for sunshine but I thought the one I wore worked okay with this look so hey ho here’s some pictures. Keep scrolling down for the outfit links at the bottom 🙂 

I am absolutely obsessed with these red trousers from Topshop. I just love the bright colour and the flares. They also look super cool with trainers and can easily be dressed up. I wore them with my 1992 New York tee also from Topshop which you can’t really see because of my jacket :(. I saw this tee and just had to have it as it’s my birth year so it was meant to be. I did try to take some without it on and style it on my shoulders but it was so hard to take pictures on Times Square as its super busy and many times I nearly got run over by a crazy yellow cab! Oops ha! 

Hope you like this post and I’m going to be uploading my New York break in day by day posts as I have so much to tell you guys so keep an eye out for them. Outfit links are below in bold :)! 

Tee – Topshop 

Trousers – Topshop 

Stan Smith trainers – Adidas 

Jacket – Zara (old season) 


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