After our first amazing day in the big apple, we got hit by jet lag and our body clocks were a bit all over the place so we were glad to be going on a coach for the afternoon doing the SEX AND THE CITY TOUR! 

I am a massive fan of Sex and the City and Carrie Bradshaw is just my idol! Me and my mum have watched the box set and films so many times so we were super excited to do the tour. The pick up point for the tour was outside The Plaza Hotel on fifth avenue at 11 o’clock, so we took the opportunity to have a look round fifth and make a little stop at Tiffany & Co. You just have to when visiting NYC. Where we picked up some beautiful pieces which I will forever treasure. 

We booked through on location tours and our tour guide was Melissa Stokoski who was a comedian and actress from the Midwest of Manhattan, who was not afraid to use the F word. She was absolutely fab and said that she loves New York and is on a unending journey to find the best pizza, cocktails and hot dads. You go girl! 

One of our first stops was…The Pleasure Chest. If your a fan of Sex and the City then you know what this place is. All I’m saying for you non fans and watchers is that it’s where Charlotte buys her first rabbit. Say no more. We had a little nose round then ran over the road to grab a big slice of pizza for lunch because I was starving ha! 

The tour was so good because you jumped on and off at the key spots and then had a guided tour with little movie clips playing a long side the drive by’s. A fact that I learnt on the tour was that Sex and the City is the only series to have been filmed fully in New York and the only film sets they used were the insides of the girls apartments. Everything else was filmed on the streets, in restaurants, bars, many Starbucks and shops. Which must of been extremely challenging but when your in New York you see quite a few films sets so look out for the big metal vans and restaurants with the windows covered in paper, which normally have a note on saying what they are filming and the times they are closed. So every other television series you see like Friends, The Big Bang theory, How I met your mother, Will and Grace are all filmed on sets, in L.A or not even in New York at all. Shocker! Or as the tour guide described them as… a load of S**T. 

My absolute favourite stop of the tour was of course the famous front door, with the big brown stoop. I literally had goose bumps walking down her street because it doesn’t feel real that you were there. You just have flash backs of the series when Big and Carrie first met and he would pull up outside in his car and she would stick her head out the window. It’s just amazing if your a big Carrie Bradshaw and Sex and the City fan. Here are some pictures I took whilst on the tour. I only managed a couple of snaps as the owners of this property are very strict (hence the chain) and tourists aren’t allowed to be on this side of the road either….oops. 

So the dress I wore I have been saving to take to New York because I absolutely love it and it was from H&M’s spring fashion for ELLE magazine campaign. I had so many compliments when I was wearing it I literally got stopped crossing the road which was a bit dangerous in NYC ha! The detail is just stunning and it’s one of those pieces you have and will forever love. I accessorised this dress with a cute Chloe dupe from Mango. I think it’s so different and looks really expensive when it was only £29.99. I’ll tag the bag for you below but unfortunately the dress sold out a long time ago because everyone went nuts for it!

These photos above were taken outside the Plaza Hotel on Fifth avenue which is one of the nicest/expensive hotels in the city as it’s over looking Central Park, dreamy! If you are a fan of Sex and the City or Sarah Jessica Parker I would 100% recommend this tour you will not be disappointed! I would also recommend seeing the Lion King on broadway which we did this day to on the evening which was just totally breathtaking! 

Thanks for reading guys and comments are very much appreciated. I’ve tagged the shopping link below for the Mango hand bag. Day 3 will be up on Sunday ?! 

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  1. Meilifisayo June 17, 2017 / 6:56 am

    Love your dress. Have been eyeing this Chloe dupe in mango for ages now don’t know why I haven’t bought it yet. I love sex and the city and can’t wait to one day enjoy the same trip like this :))

    • katiepeakex
      June 17, 2017 / 7:07 am

      Thanks so much! Aww have you they do it in black to Hun you should get it! Aww you can’t beat it you’ll love it 🙂

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