When visiting this city, I have never known time go SO fast. I felt the break just disappeared and I still can’t believe it is over already. So sad. But I’m very lucky to be going back in December with my boyfriend to see it all Christmassy. THE COUNTDOWN IS ON! 

On our last day we woke up super early and went to the Rockerfeller as the sun was shining and we wanted to get there when it opened so it wasn’t really crowded. The Top of the Rock is hands down the best view you will get of New York. From the one side you can see the Empire State Building as well as the Chrysler, Freedom Tower and Brooklyn Bridge. Then when you go to the other side of the building it is overlooking Central Park. SO BEAUTIFUL! Managed to get so many photos but looking through them now makes me really really depressed. It’s called NYC blues :(. Here’s some pics. 

After here we headed on over to Central Park zoo. I absolutely love the zoo! The zoo isn’t huge but what they have done with the small space is so lovely. My favourites were the grizzly bears! Which were to busy snoozing in the shade as it was baking this day. As we left the zoo we walked through the middle of Central Park and round to strawberry fields, then over to the American Mueseum of Natural History. If you have watched the film ‘The Night at the Mueseum’ it is a must. But just a pre warning if stuffed animals freak you out in any way don’t go! As I have never seen so many stuffed animals ranging from elephants to walruses to birds stuffed with their babies, eww. Not going to lie I got a bit freaked and felt quite bad as we had just seen some of these beautiful animals alive at the zoo. But overall it’s really good. 

This day was very tiring because it was realy warm and we had done so much that it caught up with us. Plus our feet and calves were killing from all the walking. I’m sure we did 34,000 steps this day. So I definitely walked all my cheese pretzels off. 

Now to the outfit. I didn’t take close up pictures of this look because I wanted to get pictures with all the amazing views! My favourite part of this outfit was my amazing real black leather fringed jacket that was sent to me from Yourshores, which I paired with my pink skirt aka, my mermaid skirt with a femme vibes slogan tshirt tucked in both H&M. This jacket is such good quality because it’s real leather and I’ve been hunting for a black leather fringed jacket for ages. I just love the movement and coolness it creates. Plus it was my first bit of bloggers mail I received so I was super happy! Here’s some pictures for you guys and as always I’ll link the web addresses for you at the bottom. 

Thanks so much for following my New York post guys and my best recommendation for any of you traveling there soon is to get the New York City passes. This was the first time I had used them and we saved so much money on all the sight seeing. Plus try and pack as little as possible for all the shopping!! Just have the most amazing time. Shopping links below. 

Shopping links 

Jacket – Yourshores 

Skirt – H&M trend SALE!

New York City Pass



  1. Emma June 23, 2017 / 8:04 am

    Such a cute outfit I love the mix between girly and tough. Sounds like you had a blast in NYC

    • katiepeakex
      June 23, 2017 / 8:29 am

      Thanks so much Hun and yes it was amazing!!

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