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Before I started blogging I was an Instagram shopper and loved discovering new and upcoming brands. I am very open to experiment and some of these discoveries were successful and the occasional were not so successful. Dam all those beaut bloggers and influencers for making everything look so dam good ha!

However now that I am a new blogger myself, discovering and connecting with these new brands is so so exciting and rewarding. It also makes me feel so flattered for brands to reach out to collaborate with me, as we all need that helping hand to get us on our way right?

My latest collaboration is with ADEXE London, who are an independent contemporary watch brand that is created by a professional watch maker. This is my first jewellery/watch collaboration so I was super excited to be gifted one of their pieces! The goal behind this brand is that a fine timepiece signifies aesthetic, craftsmanship and mechanical precision, as well as reflecting the spirit of its wearer. From conception through to the final stage of assembly, a high quality watch should never stop pleasing you with its delicate materials and seamless watch making methods. ADEXE London have also recently been featured in British Vogue’s June Issue, how amazing right?!

So now onto the watch itself…

FullSizeRender 6.jpg

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the packaging and the fine touch details. I love the finish of simplistic packaging, it really reflects the quality of a brand, and I also think its the most important part of brand identity.

This stunning watch is from the MEEK range in the colour Grande Silver and is designed in a very subtle and simplistic style. The meek is a timeless vintage and understated time piece and is priced at a reasonable £95. I cannot in any way fault the quality of this watch.

For one I love this watch because its silver! The detail and craftsmanship of the strap is stunning and it is the perfect accessory detail to any outfit. My favourite detail of this watch is the oversized Roman numerals, which make it that much more of a stand out timeless piece. Here are some images below of the watch worn and styled by me.

FullSizeRender 3FullSizeRender 7FullSizeRender 8

I will 100% be wearing this watch all the time because it will go with so many of my outfits and my style, as I have always preferred silver over gold. Also how lovely does it look against the pink and silver tones of my outfit?! This watch was meant to be!

I want to thank ADEXE London again for gifting me this beautiful watch and even though this post was in collaboration with this brand, all opinions of this watch are truthfully my own as I am very happy with this stunning piece.

Below I have added the shopping link for this watch which will take you straight through to ADEXE London’s website. So go ahead and check out the rest of their watch ranges as there are plenty of lovely pieces to choose from.

Thanks for reading guys! Any comments are much appreciated.

Shopping Link – ADEXE London watch click here


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