Blogging and working full time in collaboration with EGO Official. 

So I’ve had a few people ask me how I’ve managed to write blog posts and create content for my blog and Instagram feed, so I thought I’d write a post on it for you :), as well as share a cute outfit with you and a sassy pair of EGO Official shoes. 

I’m going to be totally honest with you all and say it is TOUGH to squeeze it in. But when you start seeing your work pay off and generally enjoy it as a hobbie then you’ll find and make the time 100%. So I want to let you guys know what I do and share some tips to keep you on track to always having decent content to share with your followers. 

So here’s my TIPS that I’ve learnt on the way… 

  1. Have a notebook to write ideas down on what you want to write about. Sometimes I’ll be in bed and think “aww that would be a cool post”, then I jot it down in the notes on my phone because it will be gone by the morning once I’ve slept on it. I used to do this when I was at uni so this has always been a habit for me. 
  2. Plan plan plan! This is KEY. If you want good content then really think what you want to shoot down to the last details, such as accessories, jewellery and even the way you want to style your outfits e.g. Jacket on the shoulders, tops tucked in or out etc. 
  3. Get an IKEA rail. I cannot live without mine now I LOVE it and it was only £11. I use this to hang my outfits up then I’ll iron it all ready for shooting and carefully pack when I need it for when I’m shooting more than one outfit. 
  4. Try and plan your content. For example sometimes I get so much stuff gifted and different brands have different time frames for when they would like to see it on your feed. So I just prioritise what I can by jotting it down. 
  5. Know your shoot day. My shoot day is a Sunday as that’s when my photographer aka my boyfriend is off ha. He does enjoy it I promise, all my content is down to him :). 
  6. Try and shoot 2-3 outfits in one shoot day. Before I did a shoot one Sunday and did 4 outfits but it was to much and I didn’t like the last couple of outfit pictures in the end. So I think 2 is plenty for me and 3 if I’m lucky, but don’t try and do too much because you don’t want to rush it. 
  7. Know your location. Before a shoot I decide where I want to go and what would suit what outfit. This has been my biggest challenge as I still haven’t found the perfect spot local to me. I’m always heading off to Birmingham city centre then making a day of it after with my boyfriend. 
  8. Try and have a couple of blog posts drafted. This is my biggest challenge. I do struggle with trying to get the writing in and it’s the area where I need to work on and be more consistent with. But my main focus is to always have new decent content for my Instagram feed. 

I think that’s it tips wise. That’s what I do anyway haha. So feel free to take these on board or if there’s some extra tips that you’ve think I’ve missed please leave a comment below. 

So of course with any blog post there needs to be an outfit part right? Here’s some pictures of an exciting collaboration I did with EGO Official (who have amazing shoes by the way). I will link the outfit at the end of the post for you guys as well as these beaut booties. Keep scrolling to see. 

How beautiful are these shoes right?! And how cute do they go with my jumper dress and a fishnet sock. Even though it’s a bit chilly now to be getting my pins out ha what us fashion bloggers do for good content ha! 

I have been after some studded biker ankle boots for ages and these EGO Official ‘studded detail biker boot in black faux leather’ tick all the boxes and are amazing value at £34.99!! I’ll link them below for you. 

Happy shopping and thanks so much for reading this post. Any comments are much appreciated :). 

What I’m wearing 

Jumper dress – H&M 

Studded biker boots – EGO Official 

Baker boy hat – H&M (sold out) 

Bag – Missy Empire 

* boots in this post are gifted but all comments are my own. 


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