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Hey there you lovely lot!

I hope you are all well and having a good week :)!

Welcome back to my blog and a fresh new post and again apologies for the lack of them. I am just super busy working full time and blogging it is getting a bit on the tough side now, but I am LOVING it so don’t worry I’m never going to stop pinky promise.

So I am here to tell you all about a new marketplace app called Mercari, where you can buy and sell fashion, beauty and electronics, as well as browsing around to see what others are selling. What I LOVE about this app is that you can upload new items super fast and its so simple to use. I love simple easy things when it comes to technology ha does anybody else? There is also some GREAT bargains on there to, because who doesn’t love a bargain right? I know I do!

This Valentines I will be spending time with my boyfriend as always, but this year I will be spending some time with my blogger gals because its important to have a GALENTINES! Me and the girls have teamed up with Mercari UK to pick and find the perfect valentines outfit from the marketplace app for under £50. I got my hands on a cute fur coat, skirt and bag but more on that later.

I have been using Mercari UK for the last couple of weeks which you would have seen me sharing on my instagram. I always love to have a good clear out and I am terrible for buying things and then forgetting about them. So when I started to rip my wardrobe out and as the piles built up in a never ending mound on my bedroom floor, I was discovering lots of clothes that still had the tags on. Oops! I am such a bad impulse buyer so I end up convincing myself to buy things then get bored of them very quickly. I have stopped buying printed things as print always catches my eye but then I get bored and go off it so quickly. So bad I know I don’t know why I do it! But never the less these lovely pieces won’t go to total waste as they are all available for you to shop and buy on Mercari :).

As a gift for Valentines Mercari sent me the cutest surprise package, which included personalised sweeties and nice smellies. Chocolate and smellies is the way to my heart guys! Heres some pictures.

How adorable is this package though right?!

So back to GALENTINES! Me, Holly and Shelley (fellow blogger gals) decided to have a girly day and head out for a spot of shooting photos and lunching after. My fave part of shoot day is the girly blogger chats we have, the girls really are both adorable. I love meeting people through the blogging community, it is such a beautiful and supportive place. So here we are in our Mercari UK outfits being all cute and that…oh and we got balloons!

Like how cute are we! Its actually sooo funny how many shots it took to get these shots and we had balloons to deal with so you can only imagine. They were in our faces, they were getting tangled, anything you can think of it happened, apart from loosing one that is ha!

Right now to my outfit that I brought off Mercari UK for under £50! I managed to get my hands on this amazing faux fur coat, like how beautiful is it? Then I got a cute checkered zip detail skirt (purchased from Holly) and then a little pink faux fur hand bag (purchased from Shelley). Its so nice to get such good pieces like these and they aren’t the only things you can buy on Mercari UK, I was actually spoilt for choice. And all for under £50! Heres some pictures of the outfit and me posing with my cute valentines balloons ha a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

I love this outfit I think that its perfect for a girly GALENTINES day! Thanks so much for reading this post and I hope you’ve enjoyed this little Valentines special on my blog. Below I have added the link for my Mercari UK shop, which will take you straight through to the App Store to download it, and then straight to my profile.


Thanks again beautiful’s see you soon 🙂


This is a sponsored post by Mercari UK but all thoughts, comments and outfit choice are completely my own.




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