A luxury staycation with Grange Hotels

Hey lovelies welcome back to my blog and a new type of blog post.

I really want to mix up my blog a little bit with some lifestyle and on the go type of things. Its just something new I am trying. So here goes my first hotel review with Grange Hotels. Hope you like :)…

Me and my blogging wife (Holly @the_fashion.blogger) recently went to London to shoot lots of new content for our blogs (we are from Birmingham and Derby so you can imagine the excitement), and had the amazing opportunity to stay over at London’s beautiful Grange Strathmore Hotel, which is based in Queens Gate next to Gloucester Road tube station.

Grange Hotels have a variety of luxury hotels in the heart of London and they are all superbly located. They all have beautiful designed bedrooms from luxury designed suites to fancy restaurants and bars. The location of the Grange Strathmore hotel was absolutely perfect for me and Holly as it was super easy to get to from London Euston station, which was around a 20 minute tube journey to Gloucester Road. Then a 2 minute walk dragging our insanely heavy spring content suitcases that we were shooting in that area. Honestly we packed enough to go abroad for 2 weeks ha!

Now about the room we had!!

Me and Holly were absolutely blown away with the Grange Strathmore Hotels executive suite, which has not one…not two… but 3 BEDS! We kept the rather large king bed for photos so we slept in the two singles, but the temptation to dive on the big bed was unreal. We couldn’t ruin the photo opportunity spot ha. Only other bloggers will understand this right now!

And another thing that completely blew us away….

The bed and breakfast was INCREDIBLE. We had it all ordered the night before which was then brought up to our room in the morning. The service was amazing and the staff were so so lovely and friendly. If you want a London hotel with the dreamiest breakfast in bed then the Grange Strathmore Hotel is the one!

How amazing does this breakfast in bed look? Me and Holly were well and truly spoilt and very well looked after. If you are looking for a luxury hotel stay in London at a great price for your money I would definitely recommend the Grange Strathmore hotel. I know me and Holly are already planning our next blogger girly trip. The location was great, the grounds were simply stunning and overall very instagrammable ha!

Thanks so much for reading guys and feel free to drop any comments if you have any questions about the hotel. I have also included the website link for this exact hotel below :)!

See you soon xxx



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