How to make your boyfriend a ‘Insta Husband’…

So I thought I would write a little blog post (its been a while I’m so sorry) about some tips and tricks on how to make your boyfriend your Instagram side kick or as my boyfriend likes to call himself now as my little creative director, cute right? 

When I started my blog and Instagram it was always Russ who used to take my photos, but at the beginning I always felt bad and felt like I was annoying him asking him to take them all the time. So I would shoot with other bloggers to as well as him. 

Throughout my Instagram journey he has always been so supportive but  also super interested in my growth, my engagement, what campaigns I’m working on, if I’ve got enough content to last me alongside my full time job and always checks how my posts are doing to, which is so cute! He sees how much I love creating content and being a blogger, which I think a lot of guys out there still don’t really understand what a fashion blogger does and what we do as bloggers to create our content. He is also amazing at taking my photos now through lots of practice and knowing my angles and what I like.

So I thought I would share some tips on shooting with your boyfriend and what me and Russ have experienced along the way. But ultimately how to make your boyfriend a ‘Insta Husband’. 

My 10 best tips to make your boyfriend a ‘Insta Husband’!

  1. Make shooting easy and shoot on a iPhone! I love shooting on my iPhone 8 plus and before I used to always shoot on my Olympus Pen for the quality but now I find it so unpredictable and me and my boyfriend used to get frustrated with it. It either wouldn’t focus or the lighting would be all over the place. The last thing you need is both of you getting annoyed at a camera because thats when the bickering starts and you don’t want that ha! 
  2. Plan EVERYTHING AND BE ORGANISED! This is a big one for me, as I am a bit of a OCD and like to plan everything down to the last detail. And this helps massively when shooting with your boyfriend, as the last thing you want is dragging them around trying to find that perfect location to match your outfit (every blogger will know how long and frustrating this can be when your on a time frame). So know your outfits, the exact location you want to go and the shots you need. You don’t want to be dragging him around annoying him. 
  3. Plan a easy route like its a day out. So when me and Russ recently went to London for a few days there was loads of Christmas spots I wanted to go to and see so I planned my outfits around them (not to many though be realistic ha) when we explored around for the day. I planned where we went for lunch or for a coffee break (kept him fed and watered ha) as well as taking the outfits needed with me that I could quickly and easily get changed into along the way. 
  4. Make the most of your days out together. For example if me and Russ fancy popping into Birmingham for a nose around the shops or for a spot of lunch he always asks if I need anything doing, whether this is an ad, a general lifestyle shot of me out and about having some lunch or a quick outfit shot of what im wearing that day. These make great fillers on my feed and help bulk my content. 
  5. Its all in the TEST SHOT! So whenever I am shooting with Russ if I see a location I like I will get him to stand there and ill take a photo of him to show him the shot I want. As well as testing to see what the lighting is like (the struggle of shooting on a iPhone in the winter) and if its not right we will just move on. My phone is always full of test shots of him standing there either posing or him pulling a face at me ha! 
  6. Show him some inspo! Before I go out and shoot with Russ I always just show him some photos that I have saved on insta that I like. Whether its the location, the angle or even a pose I would like to try this helps massively and I feel that he really sees my vision then.
  7. Don’t be overly fussy! I know its hard for us bloggers but when shooting with you boyfriend the last thing you want is to be a nag and get him to take the same photo at the same angle again and again, because he will think he’s doing something wrong and when its actually you being too fussy. Obviously I would love to get the shot in one but all of us bloggers know that we have to madly tap the camera shutter on our phones to capture something we like. Sometimes you have good shoot days and sometimes you have bad ones. But if you frame the photo for him, show him the angle and plan everything properly just relax and get your game head on and you’ll get the shots quite quickly.
  8.  Let him direct you. When I shoot with Russ now he is so good at telling me whats working and what isn’t. He tells me if im standing weird, if I need to put my head up, correct my legs and feet, open my bloody eyes and stop blinking. He even tells me if my hair or outfit is doing something funny. He’s amazing! 
  9. Exchange ideas with each other. When I have a difficult ad to shoot I ask him for ideas or how he thinks I should try and shoot it. I recently did an ad for a underwear brand wearing a sports bra which I found so difficult as I was so self conscious about myself and he really helped me build up some confidence as well as giving me ideas on how I should do it and pose (my boyfriends a PT so he liked me doing a fitness post). But he helped me massively and he also has a very creative side to which is fab.  
  10.  AND FINALLY PRACTICE AND BE PATIENT BUT HAVE FUN! Be patient with your boyfriend because the more he takes pictures of you the more he will know what you like, your best angles and will even start telling you when he has the shot you know you will like. Which is even more amazing!

So yeah I think thats about it really. Ive added some pictures in to of the test shot against the ones I have uploaded or about to upload on my instagram feed so it gives you an idea and there also cute ha! 

I am forever grateful to have a boyfriend that supports me this much.

Thanks so much for reading guys and have fun with these tips and heres to your future ‘Insta Husbands’!

Lots of love, Katie xxx 



  1. Katy Stephenson December 18, 2018 / 2:04 pm

    I think not being overly fussy is definitely the key! And test shots always help! Unfortunately we don’t all have professional photographer boyfriends haha

    Katy |

    • katiepeakex
      December 18, 2018 / 4:14 pm

      Ahh yes it definitely is! Haha he’s not professional at all babe it’s just what I have taught him 🙂

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