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Hiya guys and welcome back to my blog and also HAPPY 2019! I can’t believe how fast last year has gone its crazy. But I’m super excited for this year.

So as requested on my Instagram poll by you guys I thought I would write a blogpost about how I edit my photos step by step :). I have always been asked quite a lot on how I edit my photos, the filters I use and how I make my images go together on my feed. So I thought I would show you all and you can give it a go yourself :).

As you know I always shoot on my iPhone 8 plus now as I find it a lot easier and I feel like I’m more relaxed when shooting on a iPhone. I just feel that I look to awkward on a professional camera. The only issue with iPhones is that they are just difficult when the lighting isn’t that great but don’t worry this is where the power of editing comes in :)!

So here it goes…


Heres an example of a picture/test shot straight off my iPhone 8 plus (left image). The lighting is goodish and the first I app I use is Face-tune. All I do here is use the smooth tool to slightly smooth my skin a little bit, because who doesn’t love the smooth tool ha. This tool is also fab when your fake tan looks a bit patchy on your legs to, so if your a bit dodgy at applying fake tan like me then this tool is your best friend ha! I also use the under eye tool as I always have dark circles under my eyes and its something I am super self conscious about (I try and embrace it but you know its hard lol) and I’ve tried endless amounts of concealers and I get through a lot of eye cream ha. See the before on the left and the after on the right below and you can see its only subtle as I don’t want my photos to look over edited. You can do lots of things on this app such as brightening your eyes, whitening your teeth and even fixing your hair ha. Like I said the power of editing is crazy these days. But I don’t like to go crazy and want to still keep it real.


After I’ve used the smooth tool on face-tune I then put my photo into Snap-seed as I really like the tonal contrast tool. I feel it just adds a bit of depth and tone to the photo, as well as sharpening. I used to always edit my photos on Snap-seed when I first starting editing my content. Here’s the next before and after on the right using the Snap-seed tonal contrast tool and I’ve also brightened it a little.


So heres the tricky one but once you’ve mastered it its an amazing app.. LIGHTROOM! I absolutely love this app and its definitely been a love hate relationship ha. Before I started experimenting on this app I was so tempted to just buy some presets that other bloggers had made, which were also being sold at a ridiculous price. So I refrained from doing this and started watching videos on how to create your own preset on YouTube, and after many hours of experimenting and screaming at my MacBook Pro I finally made a preset that I was happy with. However when you make your own preset it doesn’t always work on every photo, as I have to tweak some of the colours depending on the lighting of the photo, the location and the colours I am wearing. I also use the select tool (which is AMAZING!) on here to sharpen things, lift the exposure and I also play around with the white and black tools again depending on the lighting of the original photo. But using this app has definitely made my feed more cohesive and I feel that it flows really well whatever outfit I post. Heres the before and after.

And heres the ORIGINAL iPhone image against my FINISHED edit with these apps. The image is brighter, smoother and crisp. I also love the warm preset and I feel like it just gives my skin more of a healthy glow. This is also a bit of insta VS reality right here ha! But I think its really good to show these sort of things because on Instagram we always show the best versions of ourselves and at the end of the day we are real people on this app and I would never want to over edit my photos that I would then be unrecognisable if someone was to see me in person or when watching my Instagram stories.

And here is another example of my edit on a photo that doesn’t have great lighting (its actually dark and been took at night time ha!) to prove that you don’t always have to have the best lighting. Think of all the photos in your camera roll that didn’t make the gram because the lighting wasn’t that great. So don’t forget the power of editing and waste that content!

I hope this helps you guys and I would definitely recommend looking into Lightroom and watching some YouTube tutorials because they are so helpful and theres so many styles of presets that you can create. I love really warm tones and I think it works well with whatever time of the year it is too. But go for whatever works for you and have fun creating your own edit and preset.

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment if you need any help or for some tutorial links 🙂

Speak soon, lots of love Katie xxx


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