Goals for 2019..

Welcome back you lovely lot I hope you are all well :)!

So I’ve been wanting to write this post for the last couple of weeks to basically to talk about what I wanted achieve this year as a blogger/influencer. But these for me are like an aim and a bit of a guidleline as I’m not putting too much pressure on myself to achieve them all, but to give myself a sort of direction where I want my blog and instagram to grow.

If you read my blogpost about my goals for 2018, I wanted to hit 10K on Instagram and aimed for 15K by the end of the year, so I am pretty chuffed with how much my Instagram grew last year. I hit 10K by June and then doubled it to 20K by November, which I NEVER expected and I’m so grateful for.

I attended London Fashion Week in February and September which was AMAZING! To receive invites for shows was just a dream, like when I was at college and university I always used to say that I wanted to go London Fashion Week to help out back stage or what not, so I never expected that I would actually be sitting down watching catwalk runway shows. Again such a dream!

My other goal I don’t think I have achieved which was to be more consistent on writing blogposts. In 2018 I was more focused on building my Instagram which would then help drive traffic to my blog when I did upload a new blogpost. So this is a goal that I am going to take forward to this year. Of course I will still be focusing on my Instagram but I want to try and build myself on more than one platform. Just as a bit of security as well because who knows how long Instagram is still going to be a thing and the main platform for social marketing. SO yeah my blog is a big focus for me!

A very ambitious goal that I had was to start YouTube, which I haven’t done because I don’t physically have time to create and record video content alongside my full time job. Like doing this with how it’s growing now is getting tough for me. But I would love for it to be a goal for this year. I just need to get in a house with my boyfriend (which we have been saving madly for) so I have a decent space to film content. My boyfriend is also amazing at editing and recording videos to so that helps massively. If he read this now he would curse me ha! But he loves it really lol.

Last year I loved meeting up with bloggers to shoot content and to hang around with at London Fashion Week events as this is so important to do. I love meeting new people and networking so I really want to keep doing this this year to as I have made generally good friends from this blogging community.

I cant believe I put this as a goal for last year ha! I am cringing at how materialistic this sounds but I wanted to buy myself a Gucci belt ha! The honest truth is that I had the money for it ready to go and buy it. I then went to the Gucci shop on Bond street to buy my belt but they didn’t have my size and I had to pre-order it online. So then I just left it and used the money as my spending money for Barcelona instead ha. I wanted to buy my first designer item in the store and have the whole shopping experience, but hey ho I’m glad my size wasn’t there and that I didn’t get it as I’m well over it now and I feel like they aren’t on trend anymore ha! And this year I have been lusting over a pair of Balenciaga trainers because they are ‘whats cool right now on the gram’, so I’m being an adult and saving my money to put towards and buy things for my future home with my boyfriend. If I had that sort of income where I could just go out and buy them and then I would be straight in the store buying them now, but I don’t so.. If your reading this Russ I hope your proud ha!

So onto the goals for 2019..

  1. Be more consistent with posting on my blog with a minimum of 3 posts a month.
  1. Focus on creating more travel and lifestyle content as well as continuing with fashion. I have some exciting trips planned this year so stay tuned for some travel content coming your way.
  1. No more filler shots! So for me I want to really put extra effort into my content and really plan where I take my photos. I love it when I get excited to upload a photo on my Instagram that I really love and I want to have that feeling for every upload. It sounds OCD but when I really plan and put effort into my content the engagement from you guys is amazing! So no more just uploading pictures that I don’t LOVE for the sake of an upload I want it to be the best possible every time. Im OCD I know ha!
  1. Create video content! So I’m not going to commit and put pressure on myself to saying that I am starting YouTube channel this year (as much as I REALLY want to) because it makes me feel sad and frustrated saying it because I don’t have the time. But I would like to try and create some videos for Instagram TV and for little styling/outfit videos because I love watching these on Instagram at the moment.
  1. Not look at the numbers! For me last year I felt like I was constantly comparing myself to other bloggers (who were also full time and I’m not) on how fast they were growing, the campaigns they were doing that I wasn’t/didn’t get and how many likes they were getting on a photo. So this year I’m going to focus on me and what I want to create and not feel pressured to follow what everyone else is doing. I just need to secure my jam, create content that I love for brands that I love and roll with it and see where it takes me. So I’m not going to give myself a numbers goals to hit. Im just forever grateful to have as many of you as I do :).
  1. And finally give myself a BREAK! I have been non-stop for the last year, which has been amazing and its been paying off but I need to learn when to take a bit of time out, STOP and not feel like I need to post something on Instagram, check my emails and be on my phone every evening, because I know you guys appreciate that I am a busy girl and the amount of lovely messages I get from you asking how I’ve managed to build this alongside a full time job always lifts me up.

So yeah theres my aims for 2019 with my blog and Instagram. And hopefully I will be in a house with my lovely boyfriend by the end of the year and be a Mommy to two French bulldogs (no kids anytime soon ha), because you know we all need our personal/life goals to :).

Thanks for reading guys and speak soon. Lots of love Katie xxxx


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  1. Anna February 19, 2019 / 4:56 pm

    Fantastic outfit. Where is the sweater from?

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