Hi guys and welcome back to my blog and sorry for my absence on here the last 3 months. If you follow me on Instagram you know that I’ve been super busy and also just brought my first home with Russ, which was one of my goals for this year yayyy! Just need a dog now ha!

But anyway you all know that I have just recently been on vacation to Las Vegas (sorry not sorry for all the spam ha) and O-M-G it was INCREDIBLE!

I have always been a huge fan of the states as I’ve been to Orlando and New York a few times but for me VEGAS was my favourite. The only way I can describe Las Vegas is thats its America on steroids. Like in America everything is just over the top in a good way but Las Vegas really takes this to a whole new American level. I bloody loved it ha!

So I wanted to write a quick blog post on the best things we found to do in Las Vegas as we were there for 10 days which was a great amount of time to explore. We have also Vlogged the whole holiday over on my Youtube channel (YAYY IVE FINALLY STARTED YOUTUBE) so keep an eye out for the videos going up as we wanted to take you all there with us.

So here are our top things to do in Las Vegas…

  1. Our favourite part of the holiday was the helicopter tour over the strip and to the Grand Canyon which was amazing. We flew over the Las Vegas strip, the Hoover Dam and landing at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. And if you saw my Instagram whilst I was away that was where Russ proposed to me AHHHHHHHHH! Happiest girl in the world I wasn’t expecting it at all. So yeah this day was amazing!! We flew with Maverick Helicopters and I managed to get us a discounted rate in exchange for social content but for the ‘Wind Dancer’ tour we did was around 4 hours and cost $540 each including all your taxes.
  1. Go and see ALL the hotels. The hotels in Las Vegas are something else that they are an attraction in themselves! They are so big that they have there own shopping malls, restaurants, casinos (obvs ha), some have their own aquariums it’s crazy.
  2. When it comes to the hotels in Vegas our favourite must see ones were: Caesars Palace, Bellagio (where we stayed), The Venetian, The Mirage, The Luxor, New York New York and Mandalay Bay.
  3. The Venetian hotel was my favorutie as it was like Venice (but a lot cleaner ha) and you could even ride a Gondola inside or outside the hotel, which we didn’t get chance to do as it was $30 to share or $70 for you own which was quite pricey and it didn’t go all the way from outside to inside and it was in two sections. But a definite must do if you have always wanted to go on a Gondola. I was gutted that we didn’t have enough money left haha.
  4. If you like your cocktails go to Fat Tuesdays! They sell these huge refillable cups and once you buy your first one you can go back for a refill for only $10. They are strong so will 100% get you on your way after 1 haha.
  5. Visit Fremont Street! This is in downtown Las Vegas which is the old Las Vegas strip and it has loads of quirky bars and it’s pretty crazy down there haha. You can also ride the zip lines over the street in the day time or at night and it is cheaper to eat and drink down here to. Just be vigilant around there as there is a lot of homeless people in this area, who probably wouldn’t harm you but I think just always be aware of your belongings because of pick pockets. There was a couple of times me and Russ felt uncomfortable and we don’t normally get bothered by things like that but just always stay together and don’t wander off on your own.
  6. Visit the secret garden at The Mirage hotel as they have dolphins there who are well looked after and the hotel is very into conserving wildlife and protecting these animals, as they tell you a lot about how waste/rubbish in the sea harms wildlife. They also have white tigers and lions there to. This will cost you $22 dollars each to get in. The Mirage hotel also does an amazing fire display out of the hotels Volcano (yes a volcano, only in Vegas ha) so this is a must see too.
  7. Go and watch a show. We ran out of money in the end to do this but we got told so many times to go and see the ‘O’ show at Bellagio which was around $97 each but I’m pretty sure you could book this before you went online somewhere.
  8. If you like your steak then you must visit ‘The Prime Steak House’ at the Bellagio. This is the best steak house in Las Vegas and has a beautiful view of the Bellagio fountains. We went there for our last night and it was a meal to remember.
  9. Visit the Stratosphere hotel and eat at the ‘Top of the World’ restaurant. We went there on our third night and the restaurant is at the top of the Stratosphere hotel (350 metres high) and the restaurant also revolves around so you can see views for a whole 360 degrees whilst eating your meal. If you like your thrill rides you can also bungee jump from the top of this and they have 3 other rides on there to. We chickened out was so high up haha.
  10. Watch the Bellagio hotel fountains in the day and at night time. The hotel has shows on every 15 minutes with displays that are choreographed to different songs. Also go and see the conservatory at the Bellagio it is stunning :)!
  11. If you like to shop (like me obvs) then go and visit Fashion Show opposite The Wynn hotel. They have lots of shops like Abercrombie, discounted Victoria Secrets store (I got loads from there), Sephora and also lots of American high street stores. They also have your designer shops in there to and lots of places to eat. The shopping centre is huge!
  12. If you are not too worried about driving in America then 100% hire a car for a day in Vegas. We hired a Camaro SS for the day through Hertz which cost us £97 for the day 8-5 (we pre-booked before we went) and only had to pay $13 for insurance for the day and $65 for a full tank of fuel in a 6.2 litre monster engine haha. It’s always been on our bucket list so we drove down the strip and also to Hoover Dam for the day.
  1. If you want to learn a bit of history about Las Vegas then I would definitely recommend going to the Neon Museum. It has all the old metal hotel signs from the old Las Vegas strip it was so interesting and they were so cool to. If you are going in the summer time then go earlier on in the morning. We got there for around 9-30-10 am and because of all the metal in there and its basically in the desert it is ROASTING!! And that was in the early morning so you can imagine mid day haha.
  1. The food in Las Vegas is amazing and we ate at so many places but our favourite place was Cheesecake Factory in Caesars Palace. It obviously has amazing cheesecake but the food was so good there but also really reasonably priced with lots of options considering it was in Caesars Palace.
  2. If you like rollercoasters like me and Russ then definitely go and ride the Big Apple at the New York New York hotel. It will cost you $17 dollars each to go on but me and Russ loved it it was super fast. And if you want to re ride is will then cost you $8.
  3. Last tip take lots of money! Vegas is pricey and if you want to have a dabble in the casinos and drink alcohol out there or go and experience the nightlife then prepare to spend BIG.

I feel like I could go on forever because Las Vegas had so many highlights for us and it is such an amazing place. If you want to see more of our Las Vegas trip then definitely head to my Youtube channel to see these amazing places and it will also give you more of an inside to it to. I have also put the links below for the experiences we did and some of the places I have mentioned in this post.

Links in bold:

Maverick Helicopters

Fashion Show shopping mall

The Venetian Hotel

The O Cirque du soleil Bellagio

Stratosphere- Top of the World

Prime Steak House

The Neon Museum

Hertz Car Rental

New York New York – Big Apple Roller coaster

Thanks so much for reading guys and I hope this has given you some useful information if you are visiting Las Vegas anytime soon or currently planning a trip there for the future.

My next trip there is 100% going to be my hen do EEKKKK!

Speak to you soon guys, lots of love Katie xxx


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