Hey guys and welcome back to my blog I hope you are all well!

Over the last couple of months since me and Russ got back from Las Vegas I have been soo busy that I haven’t really had any chance to keep my blog updated. You would of also seen over on my Instagram and Youtube that we have a new little addition to our home and have a little French Bulldog puppy called Hugo (he’s our baby ha). So any spare time I have had over the last 2 weeks has been spent with him.

But I’m soo excited to FINALLY share this news with you that I’ve made the decision to pursue this as a FULL TIME JOB! As many of you know I have been juggling this alongside a full time 39 hour a week plus job for the last 2 and a half years and I’m going to honestly say it’s been soo tough. Me going full time with this hasn’t just happened overnight. I have not had any time off for god knows how long and any spare day off/evening I had I was working solidly on this, which has amazingly finally paid off!

I am soo excited to have this extra time and I have so many ideas for content I want to create and I promise you I will be working on my blog a lot more to! I am also planning to focus more on my YouTube channel as I absolutely love filming vlogs so keep an eye out for more of them soon to.


So let’s get down to my big decision. Am I scared??? Well yes I am totally sh*tting myself going self employed to be honest ha. I have been used to having a job that pays a guaranteed salary for over 5 years, I have a mortgage to pay, a car on finance to run, pay to put food on the table as well as saving for our wedding. But I think if you don’t take risks in life or do anything that challenges you then you will never grow or get to where you want to or achieve your goals. Life is too short and I had gotten to the point within my full time job that I was just too comfortable and I just wanted to do more and do something different. I just wanted to DO ME!

So yeah that’s my big exciting news :)! I have obviously got some savings to cover my bills for the next few months and I have done quite a few campaigns recently which will help me get the ball rolling. I have built strong working relationships with brands over the last 2 and half years which is obviously super important for me going full time, as well as developing and building my own brand ‘The Silver Mermaid’. I just can’t wait to be finally doing this as my full time job, as its what I have been working towards for the last 2 and a half years.

One thing I am really going to focus on with this decision is to look after myself. I honestly admit to being a workaholic and I can’t sit still and always feel guilty for having some sort of day off. I have been soo used to planning every bit of free time because I had a full time job that I never had a break, I struggled to make plans with friends and family and now this is one of my priorities. There was times that I was so stressed out because I had campaigns on that I didn’t want to turn down (scared to turn work down as it may jeopardise working relationships in the future) but then I had the battle of time and fitting them in alongside a full time job. But I found a lot of the time brands were super understanding as they loved my content and were willing to wait that little bit longer for my work. I know being self employed is a job where you never switch off and always working 24/7 because you are your own boss and you do EVERYTHING! But I am totally ready for this! I have also had such amazing support from Russ and my family and I wouldn’t of been able to do this without them at all. So it’s time for me give myself back to them if that makes sense.


I also want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you guys because if it wasn’t for you all I definitely wouldn’t be able to take this leap so thank you all so much for your ongoing support for the last 2 and a half years and for following me on my journey. Every like, comment and DM never goes unnoticed and it honestly means the world. You guys have allowed me to follow my dream and now I’m ready to LIVE IT. Make sure you follow your dreams and do what makes you happy. We only get one shot at life make it count :)!

Speak to you soon,

Lots of love,

Katie xxxx


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