Hey guys and welcome back to my blog for my New York City blog post. I am soo excited to share this trip with you guys as we had such a great trip and I had such a lovely response from you over on my Instagram :)!

So first up I want to tell you about the amazing opportunity I had with Fly Norwegian, where they kindly gifted me and my fiancé Russ flights to New York to experience the airline and travel on the 6:00am flight from London Gatwick to JFK, which means you can be on Times Square for 10:30am New York time! Amazing right?! You definitely need all the time you can get when exploring this amazing city and Fly Norwegian is definitely the way to fly.

We flew on the 787 Dreamliner aircraft which is the most economic and fuel efficient aircraft flying on Transatlantic routes. Norwegian carries 5.8 million UK passengers each year from London Gatwick, Edinburgh and Manchester airports to 50 destinations world wide, and help their customers to reduce their carbon footprint with latest technology in fuel efficiency.

The aircraft also had very spacious and comfortable seating in economy, in flight entertainment with a wide selection of movies and tv series and we also got two inflight meals during the flight. The aircraft also had mood lighting that helps you relax during the flight, which then reduces jet lag along with the comfortable seating and the increased oxygen in the cabin. Me and Russ didn’t get any jet lag on the way there or on the way back and we slept the whole return flight which never happens to us, which was amazing! We honestly had such a fabulous journey with Fly Norwegian and would 100% fly with them again and we were so grateful for the opportunity. Would recommend this airline to anyone and definitely plan on flying with them again. Click here to read more about Fly Norwegian 787 Dreamliner.

And watch our flight with Fly Norwegian and see more of the aircraft on our NYC TRAVEL DAY VLOG HERE!

So when we got to JFK we headed through security and jumped into a yellow cab to head to our hotel on Times Square. The yellow cab was expensive as the flat rate was $52 dollars and then you had to add on the 15% tip and then the toll charge. Worked out to be $78 dollars! I checked Uber for the return to the airport and that was quoted at $92 because of the luggage so would need bigger car. I am sure there is an American version of Uber but couldn’t find it out so we ended up jumping in a yellow cab on the return to JFK and paid $65. So yeah maybe pre booking a private transfer might be easier? Next time ha.

On arrival we checked into the Row NYC hotel which is located on 45th street and is a brilliant location for being central to the tourist sites. I booked the hotel myself on booking.com and paid £450 for 3 nights with breakfast which I thought was great. That was with an upgraded room size too! The hotel was lovely and clean but obviously very busy with tourists. I will leave the link for the hotel you, click here.


So let me try and get 3 days into this blog post haha! I know some of you already would have seen my Youtube so day one was a super busy one as we headed the furthest away to Brooklyn Bridge and explored Dumbo too. We got up super early due to our body clocks meaning we managed to get to Brooklyn bridge for 7:15am in the morning! We just jumped on the subway at Grand Central Station as originally Russ wanted to walk (he didn’t realise how big a block was ha) so yeah jump on the subway its super easy and you can either pay $3 dollars for a single trip or $10 for the day, which is what we did.

The bridge was lovely and quiet, so we got some cute photos and wondered into the Brooklyn area into Dumbo and then to Manhattan bridge. We stopped for coffees and had a stroll around, saw a movie set being set up and then headed back across the bridge to walk over to the 9/11 memorial. We just went and saw the memorial water falls as Russ didn’t want to go in and I have been in 4 times already so we didn’t do that. But the New York Pass that we kindly had gifted through Attraction Tickets allowed us entry with it. Would definitely recommend getting a New York Pass through Attraction Tickets it saves you soo much money on the tourist spots, click here.

After that we wondered around the financial district area and went into Century 21 to! It has lots of fab deals on designer items (an American version of Tkmaxx is the best way to describe it haha) so its definitely worth a trip there to for some bargains! We then walked through Soho and went for some lunch at Katz Deli. If you want a proper New York pastrami sandwich (a Joey from friends sandwich ha) and are a bit of a foodie like me and Russ then you need to go. Its soo delicious and prepare for meat sweats ha! You would of seen this famous deli on Man VS Food too!

After our monster lunch we headed back to the hotel to have a much needed lie down after walking over 20,000 steps ha! And then got ready to watch the New York Rangers play Washington ice hockey game at Maddison Square Gardens. I literally booked this at the hotel in Gatwick the day before we flew out and paid $88 dollars a tickets and we had decent seats to. We have always wanted to see an American game and it was the favourite part of our trip. Such an experience the atmosphere was incredible. Again I would totally recommend going and next time I go I really want to see the New York Knicks play!



Again another early start for us as we headed to the Rockefeller for when the Observation Deck opened at 8am. Best time to go as it soon gets busy! The view is breathtaking and the best view of NYC as you get a fab view of Central Park and see the Empire State in all her glory. This experience was also part of our 2 day New York Pass where you can go up either day or night time, and the pass also allows you entry to the Empire State building day and night too, click here.

After that we explored the area around the Rockefeller centre, walked down Fifth Avenue and then headed back down to explore the Soho area as we saw a lot of cool places/shops and wanted to explore them more. After that we headed over too Central Park which was stunning! Walked through Strawberry Fields and headed over to the Museum of American History (also known as the museum from the film ‘Night at the Museum’). Again this was also included in our New York Pass too!

After the museum we had a nice stroll around Central Park which I could of easily spent the whole day there and then we had a look for Russ’s marvel film spots haha. Then we headed back to the very edge of Times Square to Ellens Stardust Diner which was amazing! We got there for like 4:30pm and walked straight in. But then when we left around 6:30pm the queue was out of the door. We loved it and would recommend getting there early! If you love broadway musicals and singers then you definitely need to go. You watch the staff perform whilst eating your meal and they climb and run around you singing and dancing ha. The food was also amazing! Russ had a ‘Homer Simpson Burger’, which was basically a glazed donut as the burger bun. Need I say anymore haha! After that we spent the evening on Times Square exploring the area and visited many shops, which are all open to midnight, craziness! New York is 100% the city that never sleeps.



Our last and final day as we were flying home at 7:30pm in the evening so again we made the most of our time by getting up early. We walked to the Flat Iron, Macey’s, went in the Empire State, went past Radio City, Grand Central Station, Bryant Park and then went back to Central Park to do some iceskating, again which was an added extra to our New York Pass. Me and Russ cannot ice skate so it was a swift one on the ice for us as it also started to pour it down with rain. It was so lovely though I have always wanted to ice skate on Central Park, so thats definitely something ticked off the bucket list. After the ice skating Russ really wanted to go to Central Park Zoo so we went there to shelter from the rain a bit. I did this a couple of years ago in the summer to and its a must see if you like a trip to the zoo like me and Russ. Also the famous zoo from Madagascar!

After getting drenched in Central Park we headed back towards the hotel and went for some food at Juniour’s before we had to head off to the airport. You need to go and eat in Junior’s when in New York. The food is amazing and you just have to have a slice of their famous cheesecake. Its delicious and easily enough to share! We ended up getting a taxi back to JFK around 2:30pm as there were major delays on route to JFK and the traffic leaving New York City is always a nightmare. We didn’t get to the airport till around 4:00pm so definitely give yourself plenty of time to get out of the city to the airport.

So yeah that was our very swift 3 nights New York trip! We had such an amazing time and we were both so grateful for the opportunity with Fly Norwegian, as well as working with Attraction Tickets using their 2 day New York Pass.


My top tips for New York city are:

  • Take LOTS of money! We gave ourselves $100 dollars a day each as the 15%-20% tipping on food bills and tax is what gets you and your money soon starts going down. I always forget about the price being more when you get to the till to because of the tax. You also have to tip these percentages of a bill, and if you don’t they will chase you haha!
  • Pre book travel to and from the airport.
  • Book your excursions using the New York Pass from Attraction tickets. This costs £138 per person and the pass comes in 2,3, 5 or 7 days and can save you over £200 on attractions as well as dining and shopping. Soo many fab attractions to see. I have linked the attraction list, click here.
  • Stay around Times Square & Empire State area for a super central location.
  • Go to Chelsea Market (we didn’t get chance to go here I was gutted but you need to go).
  • If you are a foodie then go to Katz Deli. Me and Russ watched lots of New York food videos before our trip and had to go here after seeing it recommended.
  • At the JFK airport you can jump the queue with returning ESTA to get through. We lost a couple of hours here on our travel day as they didn’t let us jump straight away and 4 flights also landed in at the same time. Mental queues! I really don’t like JFK airport I have never had a quick experience getting out of there haha.
  • GOOD WALKING SHOES! I mean this is just common sense but prepare for 20K – 30K steps a day.
  • Don’t stress too much about taking an umbrella with you. As soon as it rains you will see people everywhere selling umbrellas on the street.
  • Use the subway. It is super easy and quick to get around on and if you are limited on time like we was then have a look at using it. I got a New York subway map which helped us a lot.
  • Go up the Empire State at nighttime. A great view of the city at night and the lights are just magical.
  • Go to the Observation Deck at the Rockefeller for the best view of New York city.
  • Go to Juniors for cheesecake!

So yeah thats my New York City blog post. I hope you have liked reading this and keep an eye out for my next couple of NYC Vlogs that will be going live on my Youtube channel soon. I really want to go back to New York again as its a city I could never get bored of. For our next trip we want to stay in the Brooklyn area and stay in Williamsburg, as I have done the tourist spots now so I wanted to explore more of the food and New York downtown vibes haha.

If you have any questions then feel free to leave a comment below! Speak to you soon guys 🙂

Lot os love, Katie xxx

This trip included gifted flights from Fly Norwegian and New York Passes through Attraction Tickets. The hotel we paid for ourselves.


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